🌍 Language, Landmarks & Cuisine: A 30-Day Cultural Immersion Experience 🌍 Language Training Is Digital By Rocket Language. (registration required)

  1. Language Learning Days (1-10): We'll focus on learning the basics of the language, practicing conversational skills, and getting comfortable with key phrases and vocabulary.

  2. History Exploration Days (11-20): We'll delve into the rich history of the language-speaking regions, exploring famous landmarks, traditions, and historical events.

  3. Famous Sites and Recipes Days (21-30): We'll continue our cultural exploration by discussing famous sites and landmarks related to the language's culture. As we talk about these places, we can also share delicious recipes from that region to add a flavorful twist to our learning experience.

This structured approach will not only enhance our language skills but also deepen our understanding of the culture and history associated with each language. It's going to be both educational and enjoyable!

Let me know which language you'd like to start with in June, and we can kick off our immersive language and culture journey together! πŸŒπŸ“š